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Working towards a Green and Digital Future

EntreComp for Transition aims at developing new, innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning paving the way for the future Green Transition Facilitator by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, facilitating co-creation, and ensuring recognition of learning outcomes.

It will rely on country clusters forging innovative alliances to support teachers, trainers, businesses, and end users in the learning pathway. Activities include an in-depth analysis of skills gaps, the development a dual blended methodology with innovative learning content delivered via a MOOC in line with ECVET and EQAVET frameworks, pilot sessions, a mobility scheme, and the creation of open badges to support HE/VET and enable businesses to verify acquired competences.

The project will also produce a sustainable AI-based tool to support companies in identifying skill gaps and raise their competitiveness. More than 30.000 stakeholders across the EU ranging from businesses, HEIs, VET providers, public authorities, civil society, and students will be involved and directly benefit from the project in the short-term and/or long-term. Thanks to its well-defined governance at national level, the EntreComp for Transition project is designed to gather actors together in a strong alliance for innovation, the results of which will bring benefits to each of them, to different contexts and beyond in the long-term.

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash