EntreComp Framework for Green and Digital Transition

Workshop participants gather around a conference table
Greta Bilanzola (Eurochambres) leads the EntreComp4Transition workshop at Being Entrepreneurial 2022

Green and digital in education and workforce

Development, validation, and recognition of the key competences and lifelong learning is now shining in the green light. Policy makers are there to help facilitate this transition, though there are a lot of challenges on the way. Employment and education sectors are among the ones having to adapt most quickly and Covid19 and current energy crisis sped up these processes.

One of the main discussions ongoing among the HEI, VET and SME’s sectors – skills assessment and evaluation as well as recognition (microcredentials, open badges).  It also became crucial to assess the skills and competences already in early stages – during the studies. It is inevitable to keep on building on the existing competences and encourage employees and employers to continue the learning, training and formation path.

This discussion opens a wider way for EntreComp framework and its adaptability. We are talking here about an identifiable lack of digital skills and soft skills linked with sustainability.

Workshop – From EntreComp Europe to EntreComp4Transition

EntreComp framework adaptability for digital and green skills was the topic which sparked the most discussions in the workshop held on 22 November 2022, as a part of the Being Entrepreneurial 2022 conference.

Participants of the Being Entrepreneurial 2022 conference
Photo credit: The EntreComp Community

In an interactive session, attendees have shared their opinions and concerns linked with the digital and green competences building and achieving SDG’s in their sectors. It is interesting to take a look at several negative tendencies identified by participants coming from education and labour market sectors in various European (Spain, Czechia, Belgium Italy, France) countries:

  • Lack of soft skills (social, entrepreneurial, green, culture, mindset).
  • Lack of digital skills.
  • Resistance to change.

Seeing these issues to emerge in different surroundings proves the need to address and apply them widely. This is where EntreComp framework comes in handy – it offers flexibility to tailor fit the solutions to your learning needs.  Framework helps for the development of essential soft skills (such as problem solving, creative thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills), though using it also enables creation of synergies and communities, raising awareness and providing tools for assessment of skills.

EntreComp4Transition partnership is already working on a wider scale, through the network of the partners on assessing the mismatches in education and labour market to be able to fill the emerging gaps in the best way possible. As addressed in the workshop, the partnership is working on these priority areas to path a way towards a long-term impact, which would be addressed, of course, using EntreComp framework:

  • Foster new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning
  • Improve the quality and relevance of skills developed
  • Stimulate a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes, mind-sets and skills
  • Facilitate the flow and co-creation of knowledge
  • Building and supporting education and training systems
  • Foster corporate social responsibility

Stay tuned to hear more about the developments within each of those areas of our project.

This article was written by:
Gryte Kuliesiute-Pirlot
Project Officer