CCI Spain presents innovative Startup Acceleration Programme

CCI Spain continues backing entrepreneurship with an innovative Startup Acceleration Programme

In a strategic move to further empower the dynamic landscape of Spanish entrepreneurship, CCI Spain has unveiled its latest initiative – the Startup Acceleration Program (“Programa de aceleración de startups”). this programme is set to enhance the support ecosystem for tech-based startups.

The program’s inception was a result of comprehensive discussions held by a working group, comprising representatives from different Spanish Chambers (CCI Spain and, CCI Barcelona, Cáceres, Sevilla, Tenerife, Terrassa, and Valencia) and is based on previous knowledge and experiences identified at local level.

A new era of support for tech entrepreneurs

CCI Spain has a longstanding commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, through programmes such as “Ventanilla única empresarial”, “España Emprende” and “PAEM” that have been assisting local businesses for over two decades. However, the evolving landscape of young, technology-driven entrepreneurs has emphasized the need for a more specialized approach. The newly introduced programme is designed to provide assistance creating, accelerating, and further supporting startups with a technological foundation, especially those in the early stages.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

The programme provides numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. It taps into European funds, offering free services for startups without diluting the equity provided by founders. It also aims to attract top voices that can act as magnets for startups and investors. The visibility at major events like 4YFN and South Summit is an additional benefit. The programme also fosters connections with startups from different regions and facilitates collaborations with medium and large enterprises.

Phases: from the idea to the pitch

The Startup Acceleration Programme comprises several phases:

1. Selection Phase:
– Public call for entrepreneurs and startups.
– Initial pre-selection of potential candidates.
– Interviews with entrepreneurs and startups.
– Final selection of participants.

2. Accompaniment Phase:
– Support for idea development.
– Training in lean startup methodologies.
– Guidance from tutors and coordinators.
– Mentorship for project validation.
– Aim to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

3. Acceleration Phase:
– Connection with investors.
– Product-market fit.
– Growth hacking strategies.

4. Acceleration Phase:
– Connection with investors.
– Product-market fit.
– Growth hacking strategies.

Fostering synergies with EntreComp4Transition

The Startup Acceleration Programme will mark a significant step forward in the Chamber’s dedication to nurturing innovation, technology and the next generation of Spanish entrepreneurs. This program also aligns seamlessly with the ongoing EntreComp4Transition (EC4T) project endeavours. The synergy between these two initiatives showcases a comprehensive approach to empowering entrepreneurs, emphasizing skills, and embracing technological advancements.
The EntreComp Community can expect to receive updates and relevant opportunities related to the Startup Acceleration Programme, further solidifying the commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for Spanish entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on this front.