EntreComp4Transition welcomes the European Year of Skills 2023

The European Commission celebrates the official start of the European Year of Skills 2023 and is with that putting skills at the heart of the EU policy debate. At EntreComp4Transition we welcome the focus to lifelong learning, empowering people, and companies to contribute to the green and digital transition, supporting innovation and competitiveness.

Upskilling and Reskilling is in Demand

At EntreComp4Transition, European citizens are called to upskill and re-skill themselves in the domain of entrepreneurship, digitalisation and sustainability in order to contribute to a stronger and more resilient Europe. New, innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning will be developed and pave the way for the future ‘Green Transition Facilitator.’

Addressing Skills Shortages

The European Year of Skills further addresses skills shortages in the EU. It helps us to deliver the message that reskilling and upskilling is essential for people to get the right skills for quality jobs but as well as for companies to get qualified personnel.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission stressed: ‘We need much more focus in our investment on professional education and upskilling. We need better cooperation with companies because they know best what they need. And we need to match these needs with people’s aspirations.’

EntreComp4Tranitions’ Integrative Approach

EntreComp4Transition is exactly doing that. EntreComp4Transition establishes country clusters as innovative alliances to support teachers, trainers, businesses and end users to develop the right learning pathway and skills. When analysing the skills gap in partner countries it was crucial to ask businesses about their needs.

EntreComp4Transition further supports the goal of working together with the European Parliament, the EU Member States, social partners, employment services, chambers of commerce and industry, education and training providers, workers and companies to step up and advance skills development on the ground. We proudly announce that we bring all relevant partners and stakeholders together in one project.

By Tamara Schranz
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich