Excelsiorienta: Entrepreneurship Guide

EXCELSIORIENTA is the new platform designed by Unioncamere to help students navigate study paths and career choices, with the aim of being a digital bridge connecting the world of school and the world of work. Open to all without registration, it is available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs at https://excelsiorienta.unioncamere.it.  

EXCELSIORIENTA offers several tools to explore the world of work in Italy and understand which professions best suit a student’s or student’s aptitudes and passions. Because of this functional completeness, the portal stands as a reference site for the entire orientation process for the target audience.

The Entrepreneurship Guide (Guida all’imprenditorialità) is a part of the information tools offered, which include guidance guides on study and work paths, games, and tests for self-assessment of one’s skills, news and editorial updates, insights and advice for students and teachers. The Entrepreneurship Guide is intended as an initial information tool for those who are considering “starting their own business” as a possibility and opportunity for their future employment. The guide provides advice, guidance, and suggestions, and delves into the skills considered important for starting one’s own independent

Through a short informative path, an initial reflection on business culture and “setting up one’s own business” is initiated, and guidance and answers are given to the main questions of the young people/people with as simple, accurate and reliable slant as possible, providing sources for further study and useful references.

Covered topics:

1.           Who is an entrepreneur?

2.           Can one be an entrepreneur even within a company?

3.           What is the difference between entrepreneur and start upper?

4.           Is an idea enough to become an entrepreneur?

5.           What skills do I need to become an entrepreneur?

6.           Where can I start?

7.           Who can help me on this path?

By Caterina Pampaloni, Senior Project Manager


Photo provided by: Unioncamere