Inspiring practices when it comes to green and digital transition

Entrecomp4transition aims to develop innovative lifelong learning approaches that facilitate the adaptation of SMEs to the green and digital transition by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. To this end, good practices have been identified that can inspire other organizations to develop green and digital competences. Find below some of them.


In Spain, the VET Campus of the Chamber of Valencia motivates students during the course to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through the reinforcement of their critical thinking that enables them to be aware of the importance of sustainability. This approach fosters the alignment of the Sustainable Development Goals and their final projects.


In Turkey, “Hack the Normal Sustainability” is an online hackathon that aims to address a number of business challenges faced by companies in today’s market when it comes to green and digital transition by providing a platform for participants to develop innovative solutions.


In Belgium, Easy’Green finances projects to reduce the carbon footprint of SMEs by improving the energy efficiency of buildings, investing in renewable energy, retrofitting equipment or implementing eco-innovation projects (including circular economy).


In Austria, the “Sustainability Challenge” initiative  is a unique, innovative course on sustainable development and the SDGs applied to business development and start-up growth. Every year, between 80 and 100 students (from ongoing master’s programs or higher bachelor’s degree programs) from all universities and fields of study.


In Italy, the “Adopt a School” project is addressed to strengthen the relationship between the world of school and industry, updating programs to take into account the most current needs of companies and combining the experience of companies with the expertise of teachers. The project seeks to reduce the gap between the labor market demand and the profiles and competences of Italian professionals.

The report collecting these inspiring practices will be soon published.

By Spain Chamber of Commerce, Transnational Projects Area

Photo provided by: Shutterstock