EntreComp4Transition holds successful progress meeting in Verona amid charming chaos of annual gnocchi festival

Over two beautiful days in fair Verona, where we laid our meeting, t2i Technology Transfer and Innovation organised a project progress meeting in the wonderfully refurbished Chamber of Commerce.

A group of dedicated, committed project members

For some it was a chance to renew acquaintances with colleagues from the 14 organisations present. For others it was a chance to meet for the first time and build partnerships. For all of us it was an invitation to enjoy the kind and generous hospitality of the Chamber in this stunning northern Italian city.


It was Mr Pietro Scola, Vice Secretary General of the Chamber who welcomed the participants and expressed commitment on the topics addressed by the Erasmus+ project. In particular, the Chamber is involved in the development of sustainability and entrepreneurial skills in EQF4 local public and private schools; those competences along with digital ones are very much needed by the local businesses.

Mr Scola showing fantastic multitasking skills here by presenting the welcome address whilst having a full head x-ray

Keeping everything running smoothly

But then it was down to the business of the day where we should take a moment to thank the organising committee for front-loading the 90-minute session on Work Package (WP) 1 ‘Project management and coordination’ and for the regular doses of delightful Italian coffee. The conversations were lively and informative. Many questions on and clarifications over the correct processes were aired and addressed. This is a truly important part of the project, and much thanks goes to Irina and her Eurochambres colleagues for their hard work and diligence.

Project co-ordinator Greta taking the lead

Work packages 2-7

The project consists of six other, equally (some might say more) exciting, work packages.

WPs 2 (Community and Quality) and 7 (Dissemination and Exploitation), were presented by Rich of Bantani Education, a relative newcomer to the EntreComp4Transition project and a first timer at a project meeting. As a group we discussed the on-going importance of agreeing the language of quality in an effort to ensure that everything can be assessed robustly and fairly. New EntreComp Community platform enhancements were demonstrated and a short summary of current levels of engagement were given. Colleagues having any difficulties in drumming up engagement within their clusters were advised to reach out to discuss techniques and receive training.

On WP3, ‘Market analysis on skills to reach the green and digital transition’, which lays the foundations for the construction of the entire project, the workshop provided an opportunity to review the work carried out by SPW Emploi-Formation and its partners. There was engaged and exaggerated conversation on the Development of the AI tool including updates on the current situation and future developments.

For WP4, ‘Designing and developing learning paths and contents’ we saw a presentations from Iván of the University of Cantabria and Tamara of WKO and agreed to have further conversations around what is available technologically for building the course. With WPs 5 & 6 not due to start until the end of the year, this concluded a successful meeting.

Teambuilding and gnocchi eating

But let’s not forget the unforgettable trip to the San Matteo Church restaurant. It’s fair to say we couldn’t work out whether it was a restaurant or whether we were all part of the unexpected audience on a hidden camera TV show. Kudos to our dear project lead Greta for managing all the communications with the staff and for paying twice.

Lastly, of course, it would be remiss not to mention the Gnocchi festival which took place the day after the meeting. (Gnocchi not pictured).

Final thoughts

The next meeting will be held in Matera (Italy) in October2023, hosted by project partner Consorzio Materahub.

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All photos courtesy of Rich Hart, Bantani Education.