Smart SMEs Platform: Digitalization Solution Partner of Turkish SMEs

What is Smart SME? 

“Smart SME” is a digital transformation platform that plans to support the digitalization processes of SMEs in Turkey in all respects. Smart SME was launched by TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye). It aims to bring together SMEs that want to go digital and technology suppliers who offer the products and services that SMEs need for this purpose. 

As a digitalization solution partner of SMEs, Smart SME Platform includes products and service offerings, guidance and trainings. SMEs will be able to access the Platform, in order to contact product and service providers and access trainings. 

Opportunities Provided by Smart SME Platform 

Smart SME, in addition to bringing together technology suppliers and SMEs, provides a “Maturity Test” for digitalization, guidance with information and articles that cover all digital transition topics, trainings that will enable to manage digitalization processes accurately and finally seminars, workshops and events held by expert speakers 

With these opportunities, Smart SME Platform will support SMEs at every stage of their digital transition journey 

Technology Suppliers 

Technology suppliers that will contribute to the digitalization of SMEs will be able to reach millions of SMEs from a single point by exhibiting their products and services at Smart SME. They will promote their brands,reach new customers, and will support SMEs with Smart SME-specific discount codes that they will offer. 

They will be able to establish long-term relationships through the platform for SMEs to maintain and grow their businesses. 

Over 1000 products and services offered by more than 500 technology suppliers are currently listed on Smart SME (Akilli KOBI) and every month thousands of SMEs explore these products and services. 

A free platform that all SMEs can benefit from and where technology suppliers can participate in and exhibit their products and services! 

As an umbrella organization of 1.5 million SMEs in Türkiye, TOBB believes that this platform is an inspiring practice to support the twin Green and Digital transition of Turkish SMEs. 

Smart SME Platform 



Seval İskender
TOBB Brussels Representation