The Future Green Transition Facilitator Learning paths and methodology

The EntreComp4Transition project 

The twin green and digital transition is expected to bring benefits to all parts of the European society. However, for it to successfully happen, education, vocational education and training (VET) providers, and businesses need to join forces. EU citizens are called upon to upskill and re-skill themselves in the domain of entrepreneurship, which will work together with digital and green skills to ensure they can contribute with sustainable solutions to a stronger and more resilient Europe.  

The EntreComp4Transition project aims to develop new, innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, paving the way for the future “Green Transition Facilitator” by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, facilitating co-creation, and ensuring recognition of learning outcomes. The project, co-funded by the European Union, is an alliance between SMEs (represented by the Chambers of Commerce), Higher education/Vocational Education and Training (HE/VET) Institutions in five different country clusters: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Türkiye. 

Activities include an in-depth analysis of skills gaps, the development of a dual blended methodology with innovative learning content delivered via a MOOC in line with ECVET and EQAVET frameworks, pilot sessions, a mobility scheme, and the creation of open badges to support Higher Education/Vocational Education and Training (HE/VET) and enable businesses to verify acquired competencies. 

Underpinning these actions, the project will also produce a sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tool to support companies in identifying skill gaps, to raise their competitiveness and to support them to adapt to the needs of the digital and green transition in Europe.  

Profile of the Green Transition Facilitator 

This report targets the design and development of learning paths in the field of entrepreneurial, green and digital skills leading to the profile of the Green Transition Facilitator. Beneficiaries of the learning paths are: 

  • Students at level EQF 5 and 6 
  • SME professionals  

With the profile of the Green Transition Facilitator, the EntreComp4Transition project wants to benefit SMEs, which recognise that an adaption to more digitalised and sustainable processes are necessary. 

Pedagogical Journey 

The pedagogical journey incorporates the results and recommendations of EntreComp4Transition Work Package 3 “Market analysis on skills mismatches to reach the green and digital transition1”. The learning paths are based further on three different European Frameworks: EntreComp2, DigComp3 and GreenComp4 Framework. The goal is to address and satisfy the market needs, target the skills mismatch and take into account important previously identified competences in the field of entrepreneurship, digitalisation and sustainability.  

The learning paths for the future Green Transition Facilitator are defined in the field of entrepreneurship, digital and green skills, which are: 

  1. Learning Path 1: Sustainability Practitioner
  1. Learning Path 2: Digital Transformation Practitioner 
  1. Learning Path 3: Entrepreneurship Practitioner 
  1. Learning Path 4: Green Transition Facilitator 

The Green Transition Facilitator learning paths, modules and units are the following: 

Modules and units end with assessments and the learner can receive a badge after every completed learning path. The title as the « Green Transition Facilitator » is reached once learning paths 4 is completed and assessed.   


  • Total time needed for all the four learning paths will be four month or 75 hours of learning activities. The learner will receive 3 ECTS/ECVET points in total, but not every learning path needs to be taken. 
  • The learning paths are designed at intermediate level. Therefore, basic knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, green and digital skills is required. 
  • The learning paths originate from a blended methodology, meaning the EntreComp4Transition project is blending different digital and non-digital learning tools. 

How the EntreComp4Transition project continues 

Digital and face-to-face content to foster the acquisition of entrepreneurship, digital and green skills will be developed as well as MOOCs, where the digital learning content will be integrated. These learning paths will be piloted and tested in the EntreComp4Transition country clusters: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Türkiye.