Project Results

EntreComp4Transition is a 36-month long project that will produce a total of 27 outputs during the life of the project, including high-quality insight reports, guidelines, and digital tools. Further details about each of the project output areas will be updated on this website as soon as it is available.

The partnership commits to making all materials and outputs produced through the project accessible for free on-line, in line with the open access principle that the Erasmus+ programme promotes.


Creating community, ensuring quality and building impact. Learning communities are a key tool in helping develop key life skills. Through communities, individuals come together to create stronger bonds by the active sharing of their own resources and listening to others.

Market analysis

Building on the recommendations of GreenComp, on the learning goals identified in the EntreComp and DigComp frameworks by the European Commission, the aim is to identify skills mismatches between education and training, and labour market regarding digital and green soft skills required by the future ‘green transition facilitator’. The market analysis will contribute to define the learning outcomes required to enable students and professionals to move forward to the green and digital transition, helped by the appraisal of the EntreComp Framework competences. In order to identify the adequate learning outcomes and pave the way to the training where the learning paths and content will be developed.

Self Diagnosis Tool

The EntreComp4Transition self diagnosis tool aims to help organisations learn more about the green and digital profiles of their companies. Through self-reflection and self-assessment, users can assess their current digital and green competences and analyse potential skills gaps for twin transition in their company. At the end of the test, you will receive feedback and thereby discover what your profile level is and finally will be able to take the next step to improve them.


Entrepreneurial skills have the capacity to enable the acquisition of new green and digital skills. They are transversal and can cross-cut different subjects and fields of work. In any company, professionals have different roles and duties, as such there is a different level of academic background, preparation and skills. Learning paths in the field of entrepreneurship, green and digital should be as flexible as possible, allowing trainers to adapt to the learning structure and content to accommodate the different needs of students undertaking the training. Building upon the EntreComp and DigComp frameworks, the training will cover digital and green skills to satisfy the needs of both companies and students.


The recognition of the acquired competences, especially when it comes to a new profile like the ‘green transition facilitator’, is an essential step in EntreComp4Transition, which ensures that the learning offer is integrated not just by HE, but also by VET. At the same time, the participation of labour market representatives in the consortium will ensure that recognition does not become burdensome and too bureaucratic, hence discouraging businesses. Recognition, via micro-credentials should rather become an asset, in line with the market needs, boosting performance of businesses, supporting upskilling and re-skilling without undermining formal qualifications. Using the EntreComp competences -Assessment, recognition and supporting digitisation and greening of EntreComp are new areas of work for this field.

Publications and resources

All future project publications and resources will be freely available on the website.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash