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The Future Green Transition Facilitator Learning paths and methodology

The EntreComp4Transition project  The twin green and digital transition is expected to bring benefits to all parts of the European society. However, for it to successfully happen, education, vocational education and training (VET) providers, and businesses need to join forces. EU citizens are called upon to upskill and re-skill themselves in the domain of entrepreneurship, […]

European Chambers Collaborate to Drive Green Skills for a Sustainable Future 

In a concerted effort to accelerate the green transition the EntreComp4Transition project partners, including the Spain Chamber of Commerce, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, and Eurochambres, participated in the EU Green Week partner event “Green Skills for a Sustainable Future: Leveraging European Chambers’ Expertise in Reskilling and Upskilling” .

EntreComp4Transition holds successful progress meeting in Verona amid charming chaos of annual gnocchi festival

EntreComp4Transition aims at developing new, innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning paving the way for the future ‘Green Transition Facilitator’ by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, facilitating co-creation, and ensuring recognition of learning outcomes. On February 16th 2023, at the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, 14 organisations from 5 countries met to discuss progress and next steps.

EntreComp Framework for Green and Digital Transition

Lack of soft and digital skills is one of the core issues in education as well as SME sectors. Current context (climate change, Covid19, energy crisis) put them up front and there is a significant need to fill in the emerging gaps. Upskilling using EntreComp framework in this field proves to be a very promising approach. EntreComp4Transition project partnership is already working on assessing the mismatches in education and labor market to move on towards creation of sustainable synergies in these sectors.