Becoming a Green Transition Facilitator

Entrepreneurial skills have the capacity to enable the acquisition of new green and digital skills. They are transversal and can cross-cut different subjects and fields of work. In any company, professionals have different roles and duties, as such there is a different level of academic background, preparation and skills. Learning paths in the field of entrepreneurship, green and digital should be as flexible as possible, allowing trainers to adapt to the learning structure and content to accommodate the different needs of students undertaking the training. Building upon the EntreComp and DigComp frameworks, the training will cover digital and green skills to satisfy the needs of both companies and students.

How to take part

To follow the EntreComp4Transition online training you must register for your EntreComp Community account – or log in if you already have an account. Then head over to the Courses app and get started by clicking ‘Enrol’, or follow the links below.

Learning Path 1

Sustainability Practitioner

Learning Path 2

Digital Practitioner

Learning Path 3

Entrepreneurship Practitioner

Learning Path 4

Integration: Green Transition Facilitator